27 July 2017

Our Income Tax department has a strange maintenance message

I logged into my income tax e-filing account yesterday, and saw this message: "You are not authorized to view this page because either your bank details of your PAN and profile details are incorrect or these details have not been passed onto e-Filing. Please contact the owner of the information for details".

I was completely perplexed. I had filed my taxes correctly, so why this message? I couldn't even access my dashboard or file a grievance.

A bit of Googling revealed that few other people had faced the same issue since 2014. One of the answers on a forum said that this message shows up when the website is undergoing some routine maintenance, and we should check back after six to twelve hours.

I logged back in the next day and sure enough, everything was back to normal.


My guess is that the message appears when there are too many connection requests to the server. I do hope our e-filing department changes that message to a less-scary one like "Routine website maintenance ongoing. Please check back after few hours".

This is for all of you who were perplexed by this message and didn't know whom to ask. Hope it helped.


Unknown said...

i am facing the same issue, now i came across your post. going to sleep now.. will check it tomorrow :D

Nav said...

At the time I wrote this post I wondered if anyone would even find it when they face the problem. Good to see that it's easy to find, and glad it gave you some peace of mind.

Mervyn said...

@Syed I m also facing the same issue.Is it working for you now?

Taxpayer said...

Seeing same message during 2019 filing, almost a week over still no change in message. Strange.