01 December 2019

Converting webp files to more familiar formats in Ubuntu

With Google's efforts at better image compression, came an acquisition that gave rise to the webp image format. Although it was announced in 2010, I was surprised that Ubuntu 16.04 didn't support it natively.
To use it with Gimp, you need one of the latest versions. Good news is, ImageMagik supports it if you install webp. Once installed, you can batch convert your webp files to png too. Two simple steps.

To install:
sudo apt-get install webp

To convert all webp files in a directory to png:
find ./ -name "*.webp" -exec dwebp {} -o {}.png \;

To delete the original webp files after converting to png (though I'm sure there has to be a better way):
find ./ -name "*.webp" -exec dwebp {} -o {}.png \;; find . -type f -name '*.webp' -delete