04 August 2013

An equivalent for MS Paint in Linux

Well honestly, there's no equivalent that I found good enough in Linux. MS Paint has an ease of use and functionality that's just about good enough for drawing and image editing, but not as complex as something like Gimp or Photoshop. I like using MS Paint for simple editing tasks.

There is one program which comes close to MS Paint. It's called mtpaint.
Install it with :
sudo yum install mtpaint
It's able to perform the necessary basic image editing tasks and drawing tasks required.

Linux also has CinePaint (comes with even a smudge tool, import capability for xcf, splines, but can't import even a png file and crashed when I did a colour sampling), xpaint (with a UI that's rather primitive and it crashed when I tried to select-all and move the graphics).

For children, there's a nice application called Tuxpaint. You can install it with sudo yum install tuxpaint. It's got simple features and accompanying sounds which will make it a joy for little kids to use.

Some others exist too for Ubuntu.