20 June 2016

Are there fake notes of low denomination being circulated in Bangalore?

Firstly, have a look at the various types of fifty rupee notes printed over the decades: https://exclusivecoins.

So there is an article about people being arrested for printing fake notes of small denominations.

The RBI website has this and this which shows the original fifty rupee notes.
There's an article from a person who doesn't believe that there are fake fifty rupee notes. But it does seem like there are.
The flower and year are not reliable indicators of a fake note. Notes printed before 2005 are like that. The presence of the inset letter and the lack of rupee symbol is also not an indicator of fake notes. Even the ultraviolet ray test is not a reliable indicator for old genuine notes. The pre 2005 genuine notes were taken out of circulation in 2015 and can still be returned at select RBI branches.
So how do you check whether the pre 2005 notes are genuine? Try this.

What to do with fake notes.

Some bonus info.

14 June 2016


Continued from the previous Aha!

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