12 April 2014

Skill page

Experience never gets old

I joined the software field because it is what I enjoy doing. I know how to find information, analyze it, learn, unlearn, creatively re-apply and re-learn technology to build a product and to guide others.

You are looking for me if you're looking for

Preventing costly design and technology mistakes
Cost and time effective, maintainable software using Design Patterns
Quickly building & delivering a product collaboratively or single-handedly
Algorithmic complexity O(n), O(log n) etc.
Version control and automation
Commitment and dedication on creating / improving a good product 

Newest skills
Showcasing my M.Tech assignments on Machine Learning

Computational Intelligence (Genetic/Evolutionary programming)
Otsu thresholding of images using Differential Evolution.

Neural Networks
Mackey Glass time series prediction using a custom-built backpropagation algorithm.

Statistical Detection and Estimation
Distinguishing between foreground and background pixels.

Image Processing
Tracking pedestrians.

Pattern Recognition
Identifying faces with PCA and Naive Bayes and tracking a face in a video using PCA, HOG, Naive Bayes and SVM.

Data Mining
Time series analysis with ARIMA and MLP. Decision tree pruning with Information Gain.

Applied Machine Learning
Face detection with a combination of morphology, Viola Jones Haar features and MLP. 
Emotion recognition using ReLU.

Natural Language Processing
Extraction of action phrases using a hybrid of Bayesian network and a context-sensitive quasi-Conditional Random Field.


Good knowledge

Have worked extensively on these. Even if I've forgotten some of it due to a time-gap, I can catch up quickly.

Java, Apache Storm, C++, STL, Boost, Target-tracking / State-estimation algorithms, Processing (it's a language), MATLAB, D3.js, CSS, HTML, BASIC, Git, ActionScript

Working knowledge

Have worked on these just enough for it to be useful in completing a project and/or having worked on it as part of my self-development and learning

R, MySQL, Jongo, RabbitMQ, Spring Boot, JavaScript, C, VC++, PHP, Shell Scripting, Python, ffMPEG

Learning-level knowledge

Have dabbled with these at work and/or as self-development, and don't have much knowledge on it, but have basically explored and 'got my feet wet' while working with these technologies.

MongoDB, Spring framework, Jenkins/Hudson (continuous integration), Open GL, Leaflet.js, DirectX, TBB, MKL, JQuery, JSP, Open MP, GDAL, Firebreath, SDL, Open Scene Graph, OGRE, Make/CMake, Ant, Gradle, Greasemonkey


Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, Image processing, Pattern Recognition, Statistical Detection and Estimation, Data Analytics and Data Mining, Windows, Linux, Mac, Interaction Design (UX and UI), Decision Analysis & Review, Agile software development, Clearcase, Enterprise Architect (EA), GIS, Rational Purify Plus, Struts2, Servlets, Visio, Truecrypt, Valgrind, GDB, ActiveX controls, Cosmic FP Estimation, CMMI, Requirements Elicitation, Unit testing, Six hats thinking brainstorming, JQWidgets, Design patterns, Quantify, VTune, GIMP, Pymunk.


Was well known for winning at competitions.
Have also led two volunteering teams for social causes  like blood donation, earthquake victims support, sapling planting, reduce plastic drive, old age home and orphanage visits (which we later learnt we shouldn't do), efforts to save electricity, product sales for National Association for the Blind and teaching disabled children.
I have a certification on Prevention of Ethical Blindness from the University of Lausanne and a certification (distinction) on Social Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School

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