12 January 2016

Files and folders to add to gitignore for a Netbeans project

You're obviously on this page because you're a Netbeans fan. Congrats for choosing it over Eclipse!

When it came to creating a .gitignore file for my Netbeans project, it was hard to find resources on the internet to figure it out. Needing to push and pull to a Git repository meant that I shouldn't mess up my colleague's or my project settings, but still be able to share code.

So after some trial and error, these are the files I figured that need to be added to .gitignore.




Some interesting trivia about the Netbeans-Eclipse war from James Gosling himself: http://nrecursions.blogspot.in/2014/07/preview-your-webpage-realtime-while.html#useanyideyoulike

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