05 April 2015

Not losing those handy clutter managers

While I've already written about keeping wires neatly wrapped up (ideas of other people), here's one tip that I've created myself:

The little pieces of plastic which have metal wires inside them; the ones with which your electronic item's wires are kept neatly wrapped up with...

They're called Plastic Twist Ties.

Once you untangle the electronic item's cables, you wouldn't want to lose these handy plastic twist ties, as someday you'd need to either pack the item into its box or use the twist tie to hold together a bunch of cables. The best thing to do is to neatly wrap them around the cable itself. As shown in the picture below (it actually looks quite cool!):

Few decades back (and even now in some shops) in Kerala, these plastic twist ties are used to tie up the top of packets of bread. Handy things they are...as much as they're a plastic hazard.

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