01 March 2014

Keeping those wires all neatly wrapped up (and a point on wireless electricity)

Well, as software people, we also have to deal with hardware issues :)
One of them, is getting wires in place. While there are various clever ways to do it, the one that solves the problem of keeping earphones nicely and inexpensively wrapped up, is this one.

This could have been a time and age where we would not have had to deal with wires. It'd have been a reality if Tesla's Tower of Power wasn't pulled down by economic problems and a short-cut, cost-effective solution to communication by Marconi.
More on the Wardenclyffe Tower here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardenclyffe_Tower
Same story told in a damn-interesting way :-)  http://www.damninteresting.com/teslas-tower-of-power/

It intrigues me, the way some people develop an intuitive understanding of a subject. Tesla understanding the working of electricity, in this case. Einstein, understanding the concept of relativity. Newton and gravity.

What also intrigues me is the way commerce isn't designed to produce the best possible outcome. Corporates always go for the short-term approach which makes money (and hence sustains life), rather than the long-term approach which could have sustained life in a much better way. A concept called Hyperbolic Discounting.

Looking forward to a truly wireless future.

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