04 February 2014

How to install plugins for Jenkins?

I wanted to install the plugin for Gradle and was perplexed that there was no download button on this page: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Gradle+Plugin

A bit more searching led me to: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Plugins#Plugins-Howtoinstallplugins

Start Jenkins on your browser, go to "Manage Jenkins" and you'll see the option for "Plugin manager".

Select which plugins you want, and install them. It'll take a while for it to download and install. As the how-to page says, you can also install the plugins manually.

I chose the following, as there was quite a bit of experimentation I wanted to do with a lot of tools. A pity there wasn't any ready plugin for graph databases:

  • Git Client Plugin
  • SCM API Plugin   
  • Git Plugin   
  • Git Server Plugin   
  • Git userContent plugin   
  • Git Chooser Alternative Plugin   
  • ruby-runtime   
  • git-notes Plugin   
  • Static Code Analysis Plug-ins   
  • Task Scanner Plugin   
  • Database Plugin   
  • PostgreSQL Database Plugin   
  • LDAP Email Plugin   
  • MSBuild Plugin   
  • Cobertura Plugin   
  • EasyAnt Plugin   
  • GitBucket Plugin   
  • SSH Agent Plugin   
  • The Continuous Integration Game plugin   
  • jQuery Plugin   
  • jQuery UI Plugin   
  • Terminal Plugin   
  • ClearCase Plugin   
  • ClearCase Release Plugin   
  • Gitlab Merge Request Builder Plugin   
  • Gitlab Hook Plugin   
  • JUnit Attachments Plugin   
  • xUnit Plugin   
  • JSUnit plugin   
  • GitHub API Plugin   
  • AnsiColor Plugin   
  • JSGames Plugin   
  • Mercurial Plugin   
  • Git Parameter Plugin   
  • Github OAuth Plugin   
  • Build Monitor Plugin   
  • CodeCover Plugin   
  • NUnit Plugin   
  • ClearCase UCM Plugin   
  • jQuery UI Plugin   
  • Valgrind Plugin   
  • MySQL Database Plugin   
  • Eclipse Update Site Plugin   
  • jQuery Plugin   
  • Parameterized Trigger Plugin   
  • Build Pipeline Plugin   
  • HTML5 Notifier Plugin   
  • Gitorious Plugin   
  • Git Plugin   
  • Trac Plugin   
  • ClearCase UCM Baseline Plugin   
  • Python Plugin   
  • Checkstyle Plugin   
  • Gradle Plugin   
  • JDK Parameter Plugin   
  • cmakebuilder Plugin   
  • ClearCase Plugin   
  • Active Directory plugin   
  • Signal killer   
  • MySQL Authentication Plugin   
  • Metadata plugin   
  • Git Client Plugin   
  • Git Server Plugin 
  •  Parallel Test Executor Plugin

Did you notice that there's a The Continuous Integration Game plugin? I felt it was pretty cool of them to have brought in Gamification into CI.

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