18 June 2017

How to download files or an entire folder from Google Drive?

I've found it very strange that a product of Google didn't have a straightforward way to download files or an entire folder in one shot.

There is a way though:
  • As shown in the image below, click the folder or file you want to download
  • Then click the menu button to open the menu.
  • Then if you don't see a download option in the menu, just click the empty area at the bottom of the menu.

You'll get your folder in zipped format.

I assume it's just a bug that the download icon isn't visible.
Another way to download is to double click the file to open it and on the top right corner of the screen you'll see the download icon.

UPDATE: I wrote to Google support about this issue, and as of August,  the CSS issue with the hidden download button is fixed. There also was another issue of people using Chrome being unable to download files. Google told me they are working on fixing that too. Until then, you could just use incognito mode to download.

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