15 June 2014

How to contact Amazon customer care?

Normally, online stores have a customer care number directly available. Amazon has a slightly innovative approach to it (which is more efficient, but confusing to first-time users).
So here's how you go about it:

Click on the "Customer Service" link:

Sign in: (perhaps you could use the "skip sign in" option too, but I haven't tried that)

Select an issue (now this is the confusing part. People would expect a "Submit" button at this stage, but there isn't any) .
After selecting an issue, just go to the third step (shown by the second red arrow below) and click the phone button.

This is the awesome part, where you click on the "Call me now" button, and Amazon will call you on your number (which you'll have to specify).

My experience with their customer service has been good. Even the book house from where I ordered a book (Shah book house) was very helpful. Apparently there's also a general customer service number mentioned for Amazon, 1800-30009009 through which I couldn't get through.


Epilogue: A better user experience

It would've been more helpful if Amazon had designed the web-page to give instructions to the user about the next step involved. Like for example, in step 2, a message could have been shown to proceed to select an option in step 3.
Or if the options were designed as part of a wizard where the next step is shown only after all selections are made in a particular step.

But still, nice ideas, Amazon team!

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