02 March 2014

Unite. A hobby project

Unite, is a project I began working on, when I wanted to re-learn web app programming. The project is designed to have a highly customizable front-end, a robust back-end and either a relational or a graph database. The project is hosted on GitHub under GPL v3. This is also meant to serve as a project that will give me a deeper understanding of using Git, continuous integration (Jenkins), Issue tracking (Trac), automated testing, automated code coverage checking, build scripting (Gradle), automated bug finding and deployment (Phew! Big target to achieve with the limited time I get everyday). This page captures the progress of the project.

Setting up the basics

Setting up a new project on GitHub was a breeze. Once done, I cloned the repository onto my local machine and using SmartGit, created an authentication token, the folder structures, spent an awful lot of time learning Gradle by myself and decided to use Gradle with Netbeans (which has Gradle support built-in) because the Eclipse plugin ended up giving me some errors during build. Setting up a continuous integration build right from the start was a practice I wanted to follow, so after installing Jenkins (tried Hudson too. It's good, but I liked Jenkins' interface better), it's plugins and successfully figuring out how to trigger a build on Git commit (this is a better approach than making Jenkins poll to check for code changes), the project was ready for some real coding.

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