14 June 2017

Wear that helmet. It's actually worth it

Few years ago when taking my friend back home on my bike, he noticed me taking my helmet and asked "You wear a helmet for short distances too?".

I couldn't really believe what I was hearing. Still, there is a large number of people who hate helmets because it's claustrophobic, because they think it causes hair loss (it does not), because they actually feel they'd never get into an accident and sometimes simply because they can't afford one.

The safety lectures are not the only reason to wear them:

Stones, insects, tree branches: Even when riding a bike at 40kmph, these objects can hit your face at high speeds. Have a full face helmet with a visor. I've encountered these projectiles at least once a month. The stones that get half under a vehicle tyre and shoot out at you are particularly dangerous. A colleague's car windshield looks like as though a bullet hit against bulletproof glass and left a dent there. It was hit by one such stone.

Wind, dust, sunlight and rain: Very useful to be protected with a helmet.
And of course...safety: The visor protects your nose and the front of your face from getting damaged too much. A full face helmet protects the sides of your face (which are most probable for damage during an accident).

Look at all the pics here.

Get a helmet. Wear it.

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