22 January 2017

USB tethering. Use internet on your Desktop PC via mobile phone internet

Whenever I've used internet via a mobile phone's WiFi Hotspot, I've always wondered if it was transmitting extra data just for the sake of being in sync with the laptop. Or perhaps adding extra bits to the packets when transferring data.
Turns out it is true. Using mobile hotspot actually takes up more data.

While some people have suggested tethering your mobile with the laptop using Bluetooth tethering, which is said to (but I haven't verified it) use lesser data, I feel a wired connection would be much better.

That alternative I found in USB tethering.

All this while I was actually considering buying a WiFi network card for my desktop PC, and I came across USB tethering which solved my problem elegantly and with no additional cost.

How to do it?
  1. Just take the cable you usually connect your mobile phone and desktop PC or laptop with, for transferring data via USB.
  2. Go to your mobile phone settings and activate USB tethering.
  3. Switch on your mobile phone internet.

That's it. Your phone is now a modem. You can use internet on your desktop PC or laptop. Best tethering option because your phone is connected to the PC, and it even gets charged in the process.

Kudos to those who came up with these brilliant solutions!

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