01 July 2016

Discovering the unknown

X-rays were discovered by accident. We have never seen electrons. We don't know if light is a particle or a wave because of properties which observed. We don't see or hear many wavelengths which other insects and animals can.

In order for our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to be able to receive this data and for the brain to process it, we needed to convert X-rays into something that we could see. Electrons paths into something we could experiment upon and prove.

We really are very limited by our senses.

But what if we created a machine and an AI that was capable of manufacturing sensors which would detect properties of the Earth and Universe which we never discovered, and then translate that into data that we can understand?

We would be able to not just discover so many more dimensions, we might even be able to re-program our DNA to be able to take advantage of that data.

How, is the question.

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