01 May 2016

Mass brainwashing

Do you know that diamonds are not a woman's best friend?
Well, allow me to introduce you to the diamond myth:

"...diamonds only came into popularity in the 20th century...But in 1870, a huge cache of diamonds was unearthed in South Africa...With a voluble increase in available diamonds, how could they be priced for their scarcity and rareness? Diamond mine financiers realized that they needed to protect their interests...And that’s how De Beers — which held a monopoly on diamond mining and pricing — was created...

In the 1930s...to promote diamond story lines, place engagement rings in films and get diamonds into the hands of burgeoning celebrities...in the 1940s, a series of lectures was promoted in high schools...

All the advertising, film and television placement and mass psychology worked. After 20 years on the campaign...the younger generation had successfully been implanted with the idea that diamonds were a de rigeur part of courtship. To this new generation a diamond ring is considered a necessity to engagements...

...De Beers sold the idea that a diamond was an expensive but necessary token of affection...Conversely, a woman who didn’t have an engagement ring –who wasn’t showered with diamonds throughout her relationship — was somehow “less loved” than her diamond-swathed counterparts....It’s a lie that started less than a 100 years ago, and it’s a lie the diamond industry has been banking on ever since."

I found this report very intriguing. Haven't we all been brainwashed in similar ways? Made to feel that doing certain things were an absolute necessity to be accepted in society?

Even before mass advertising took over the planet, there were Shaman's, Rainmakers, Soothsayers, Witch doctors, Oracles, Astrologers. After that came the need to drink Complan to gain height. To drink Bournvita to gain capability. To remember only Maggi for a quick snack. To drink only Coca Cola / beer when thirsty. To drink Boost / Glucon D for energy.
As though there were no other cheaper, healthier and much much better alternatives available!


Take religion for example. What exactly does your religion actually want you to do?

To help people. To respect and be kind to others. To live peacefully. To recognize and appreciate that a beautiful universe may have been created by a much wiser, powerful being.

Is this what some religious people actually do? It's very surprising that even grown adults don't realize that they would have been following the rituals of some other religion if they were born into that family. It isn't surprising though, that most people think they are being religious by simply following rituals. They forget what their religion actually wants them to do. Such is the power of mass brainwashing, fear and hysteria.

Social Customs

Same applies to other social customs. Going out for a movie and dinner is somehow considered cool. Having a party at a club, going out for a company-sponsored lunch, volunteering grandly for one hour...

These may be enjoyable sometimes. These may be enjoyable to some people. But do you really enjoy it?
Would you find it more enjoyable to read an interesting book? To go on a long drive? To explore places?

A comic by Zen Pencils captures this nicely: http://zenpencils.com/comic/nerdist/

We live in a society that sees someone doing something they love, see the happiness on their faces and somehow believe that if we do the same thing, we would be happy too. What would really make you happy is the removal of the pressure to imitate others. To realize your interests and to do what makes you happy, no matter what the brainwashed masses think of it. It is in that moment that we find true peace and joy.
- Navin Ipe

That's also when you realize the true meaning of "Be yourself".

Of course, it's also important to keep in mind the laws of the land, the practicalities of finance, your dependents and responsibilities of life.

Think for yourself, people. You own your mind, you have the right to know the truth and to live life the way you wish.

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