06 April 2016

A comfortable Git branching model

Git has a very flexible approach toward branching, and workflows. The best I've seen yet.
Novices would probably be happy using the popular branching model Vincent Driessen has shown on his webpage: http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/

I've learnt from and liked Vincent's work, but during the course of working with the branching model, it has been more comfortable to use a slightly different model, especially when collaborating with other developers.

What I propose to be different...

...is simply that instead using the master branch to maintain the "stable" version of the code, it is more comfortable to have the master branch as the branch that the entire team collaborates on

A separate branch named "stable" (see; even the name is more appropriate than 'master') is created, which is also pushed to the remote/blessed repository, and that's the branch that keeps your stable version of the code that is ready for release.

It's not only about the comfort that the master branch affords you for collaborative development: ie: simply using "git pull" instead of "git pull origin development" etc.

It's also the fact that you'll have to do fewer merges between branches, which could end up looking like this:

The above screenshot is from GitUp. One of the best Git clients I've seen. Once you do a merge, you can actually undo it too (only available for MacOS though. When I wanted to port it to Linux myself, I saw the developers post that he's used too much of Objective C code for the graphics to be able to port it).

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