13 July 2015


This is the hundredth post of NRecursions and is a little moment of celebration for me, as not only has NRecursions grown to help people worldwide (the mutex tutorial, d3.js tutorial, Jenkins tutorial, Broadanywhere clarification), it has also brought a welcome burst of fun and sunshine via the monthly LOL pages.

More than ten thousand unique visitors and more than thirty thousand 'non-unique' visitors :-) (bots included). An audience from across the globe, but primarily from USA and India.

This blog was named as such because these are Navin's Recursions and also because it is one among the N number of recursions happening in this universe. Exactly like recursive functions in computer programming.

The real question is not why we exist. The real question is why are we allowed to contemplate our existence 
- Navin Ipe

Everything in the universe follows a pattern. Even when all you see is chaos, there is a pattern when you see the bigger picture. This pattern is part of a very similar or exactly similar pattern happening elsewhere. Like a Mandelbrot. We very well know how tiny we are in the universe. A spec on a spec on a spec on a spec and so on. The galaxy we live in, may just be a small dot in a Mandelbrot of galaxies just like ours...with some minor tweaks. Perhaps home to humans who live life exactly like us.

We exist pretty much like protozoans in a drop of water. They dont have a clue why they exist. But we know they perform an important ecological function. Given the way society and the eco system itself is built for a balance of creation and dissipation, it is obvious we exist for a purpose. Individuals by themselves might have lesser meaning than a collective society. Of course, given that the universe consists of majorly vacuum than anything else, it is a matter of wonder why Earth exists as a patch of life in an ocean of void. If you look at it as a recursion, You could see us as being like a cluster of organisms found to be thriving in some pocket of life in a far away area of earth surrounded by kilometers of lifelessness.
Using the concept of recursions, one can deduce that if we travel far enough into the universe, we might not just find planets like ours, but also find unimaginably huge areas of organic existence and varied life forms instead of the vacuum of space. So massive and so vast that we would scold ourselves for not having ventured out of our tiny planet sooner.

Until then, fulfill your purpose in life, for it is why you exist in a society. Search for patterns. Look for Recursions. They are the key to many answers. The gateways to knowledge. But most importantly, think of why we look for recursions. Why patterns? It is in itself a recursion which holds the answer to why we exist.

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