10 May 2014


It's about the person we all know as a 'brain' or a very talented person, but it's a person you've never been able to get close to or understand, because the person has always been emotionally distant.
For the sake of this blog post, let's respectfully call him/her as "Person".

Just watched North 24 Kaantham (a movie) which carefully portrays such a Person.

For some reason, the social group of people dislikes having a Person in their midst. People who run a business love to have Person around though; for the field of expertise that Person has.
I've seen a lot of Person's being misunderstood and haven't liked it when I see them being discriminated, laughed-at and being treated as an outcast by the social group.

If you know a Person:
  • Realize that Person has been through difficulties in life. It takes a lot of time for it to heal. Being rude to them or ignoring them won't allow them to heal.
  • Never treat Person like a baby or with a lot of sympathy. They won't like it. Treat them respectfully and interact with them as you would with your social group. Person might not respond like the social group does, which would hurt you, but realize that secretly, Person is appreciating the respect you're giving. They just might not want to express the appreciation immediately.
  • Give Person a bit of your attention and time. Even a few seconds of friendly interaction everyday can make a big difference. Person might not want too much of interaction.
  • If Person does not want to join in with your social activities, don't force it on them. But invite Person anyway (just in case Person feels comfortable enough to join in).
  • Discourage people from making fun of Person. Try creating a healthy environment, where people respect Person for what they're good at, and encourage Person to contribute those skills. Appreciate them for it. Person almost always has skills that are far more advanced than skills the social group has.
  • Given a healthy emotional environment to be in, Person will eventually open up and be comfortable interacting with you. If Person isn't talking to y'all, it's because the social group would have been rude/mocking/insensitive. Don't blame Person for it.

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